Inbetween Posts

Hi hi, there is a full post coming soon, I’ve just finished a huge job in the dry dock which has kept me busy for nigh on two weeks. I would have the time to write something now but instead I’m practicing like merry hell for a small gig playing guitar at a bbq next week, (another case of my mouth writing cheques my guitar playing and very definitely my singing abilities probably can’t cash). So, in the meantime allow me to bore you with photos of a boat, a big boat. There are many things I learned while working on this, the most important being to never, ever get a boat thus big, waaay too much work!

Marking and cutting the holes to house the anchors and 100 metres of chain for each one, the owner checked everything at least five times before cutting into his boat. Maybe I should mention here that he has built this entire boat himself, twelve years of his life and he reckons another two to go.

Shit job of the day, cleaning and painting the spud pole tubes.

All spruced up and ready to go back in the water.

There is something to be said about this, it’s seriously bloody hard work (especially in July), and a tad stressful too as there is only a set amount of time to do the work, normally one week but in this case two as the anchor housing takes a lot of time. However, after all is said and done and this beautiful shiny boat cruises out of the dry dock, the sense of satisfaction of a job well done more than makes up for all the sweary, sweaty, “what do you mean it doesn’t fit!” moments of the previous fortnight.


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