Finger Picking Good


Wow, over two weeks since the last post? What has happened Spike? Well truth be told between writing something here and picking up the guitar for a couple of hours, I have chosen the guitar, (there were a few other things in the mix too, it’s not *all* play in this boating life, ((actually it mostly is, but I don’t like to brag)). After years of strumming guitars I’m learning how to play finger picking style, a bit more classical and Man! I wish I’d attempted this years ago, apart from the obligatory intro to Stairway to Heaven that I think all guitarists know, that’s nearly all I could do without a plec, (apart from the extremely bastardised opening bars of Romanza). Continue reading


Movies, Lions and Reboots


While I was watching a few movies last night I realised that I had started to play that game, the one that drove me nuts as a kid, the What’s That Actor’s Name and What Have I Seen Them In Before game. But then I thought that that’s not strictly true, I’ve been playing it for years it’s just that now it takes me longer to remember the who and where. I think back and mostly get it, sometimes the name escapes me but I can get where I’ve seen them before, if I don’t then out comes the IMDb app on my Kindle and irritating problem solved. This app would’ve been so handy as a kid, every now and then Mum used to take me down to some friends in Somerset, they were film mad, especially the creature feature flicks like One Million Years B.C. and The Land That Time Forgot, they were always playing the game and sometimes not remembering and it drove them crazy, the IMDb app would have sorted that out so that we could all enjoy the movie in peace. Hmm, that sounds awful, but as a child, grownups ALWAYS talk through movies, now as an “adult” I occasionally do it myself. I’ll never forget one weekend visit when we went to Longleat Safari park. I must’ve been about nine or ten, there was mum, her friend Audrey and her daughter about the same age as me and her toddler son. We were having a great day, until the car broke down in the lion park. How long we were stuck there escapes me, but I do remember Audrey becoming quite agitated, the lions had taken an interest in the car, Daniel the toddler was asking if we’re going to get eaten (or was that me?). Me and Claire were probably bickering as kids do, and with all this it’s not like you can get out of the car and walk to the nearest phone box to call for help, (remember this was the ’70s, no mobiles). Eventually the park rangers came by, and arranged for assistance. Each ranger had a rifle that would keep the lions at bay, what sticks most in my head about this trip was Audrey asking a ranger if his rifle had a tranquiliser dart in it, and if it did could he please shoot her.

So how did the reboot go for January?

Read more, I am breezing this, I read five books, four short stories and one (huge) graphic novel (Blankets, absolutely brilliant), they’re all listed somewhere on this page. I love that I’m reading again, I went a good few years reading only a couple of books a year. 5/5


Write more, I’m still writing this blog (duh), and on occasion something else, not quite what I wanted, like an idiot I said that I wanted to write two two-thousand plus word short stories before the winter is over, only a few months to go. 3/5

Watch more movies, ouch, yeah I breezed this one too, fifty-five movies in January and something tells me I should be embarrassed about this, but I’m not because four of them were documentaries! 🙂 5/5

Eat better food, after December was over we got straight back to the healthy stuff, loads of broccoli. I started making soup so we did away with the processed cup-a-soup stuff. We have started eating more though, maybe something to do with the winter but whereas once we would only eat once a day we now eat breakfast, sometimes lunch (if I’ve been arsed to make soup), and dinner. 4/5 as we should have a bit more greenery.

Drink less beer, oh my goodness I’m finally starting to make some headway with this one, for two weeks I only had beer at the weekends, trouble is the winter weekends are from Tuesday to Sunday ha ha. No really, there was no beer Monday to Thursday for two whole weeks, with Vanessa away visiting her Folks in the UK that kinda went by the wayside, but it’s a start?? Oh whatever, I’m scoring myself 4/5 anyway!

Structured guitar lessons, I didn’t pick up the guitar for a little over three weeks! Shock horror. All this has happened and will happen again, I found myself trying to learn stuff that feels too rigid for me, instead of just picking up the guitar and doodling, doing what I want I was concentrating and not enjoying. Not good, so I took a break and now I am just gonna play what I want and enjoy. I guess 1/5, my fingers softened up in the break.

This isn’t me playing (I wish) but it’s a great watch.