Gas, Ice and A Bad Feeling (about this).

Stupidly, the other week (after something had gone wrong, I think the ongoing water situation), I wondered what was going to be next. On Friday (20/Jan) afternoon the gas that we use to cook with, that is stored in a lazarette at the back of the boat, froze. I did know this would happen, but with all the other stuff that we are learning being newbies on board a boat, it got pushed to the back of my mind. We have butane, to have problem free cooking throughout a cold winter one needs propane which has a much lower freezing temperature. Of course, it’s not a simple case of getting a propane cylinder and connecting it up. The regulator needs changing along with the cylinder connector. Also the purchase of two new propane cylinders, while it may be possible to swap our cylinders for new ones, my thinking is that in France, there would have to be some financial reward for such a complicated process. We are going to look into it, but for the now we are bringing one of the bottles in to the warm for the night, and then swap it over (with a nice cosy blanket to keep it warm), the next day. Cure rather than prevention, but it’ll do until I can get some more information.

They went that way.

Every day this last week we’ve woken up to the boat completely surrounded by ice, so that loud cracking noise is starting to get commonplace, at least it’s not so terrifying any more. Vanessa goes out every morning to break the ice away from the hull and then get it away from the boat so that it doesn’t freeze the next night with jagged edges. By the time the thaw arrives we could be hidden behind a fair size wall of ice between us and the tow-path. There’s some photos scattered around this post. I was very surprised to see a boat out on the frozen canal on Friday morning, it was only thin ice that it was breaking but nonetheless… It’s quite weird seeing a boat cruising with no wake behind it, just a load of air bubbles racing outward under the ice. I can only think that the owners of the boat must have thought Bugger this, time to go before we get frozen in, and headed for warmer climes, wherever they go it’s gonna be a helluva of a trek. We were talking to Christian the other day, he is suffering -6 temperatures in Toulouse, he went there so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the cold. Christian will be popping over in February, he says it is to pick up his car that is parked nearby in St-Jean, but we know it’s really because he misses us so much and wants an evening of beer, laughs and smokes.

We’re building our own wall.

I had a mind to write a little something regarding my thoughts on what (tf) is happening over the pond in the States at the moment. I did post on Facebook last April Fools that being all fools day, America can/should stop now, it’s really not that funny anymore. Look I have no idea about politics, I don’t vote so really I have no say. Someone said last year on this blog that I had been out of the UK for so long that I had no idea what was really happening, this is true. So what right do I have to say anything about American politics, absolutely nothing, but this has gone beyond politics and into the realm of reality TV and then beyond that when on Friday the 20th it passed into a serious threat, of course this is all my opinion. I was a bit troubled because all I see within my circle of friends and the pages that I follow on Facebook is the out and out shock at how far this has gone, and with so little contradicting what I read that I cannot see how it was inaugurated on Friday. How can this happen with so much opposition, so I started actively seeking the pro stuff, the people out there that actually voted for this mutt (Robert de Niro’s words, not mine).

I went to his page and, well really there’s no point in saying anything, if you’ve been following this then you’ll know how much brainwashing has been going on. One point that I did see and agreed with was that the politicians have had their chance, now it’s time to see what a businessman can do, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, not the man, six bankruptcies prove the cluelessness involved here. Then there’s the dick that he has appointed to head the Environmental Protection Agency, you know what, enough already, I could go on all day and I have no right, consider this horse flogged. I am not a political person, but it seems the rest of the world isn’t either, not if this buffoon is near the White House let alone inside of it.  



2 thoughts on “Gas, Ice and A Bad Feeling (about this).

  1. Hiya Spike and Vanessa. Always enjoy everything you write., informative, interesting, awe inspiring stuff. You have both been so brave, this Winter has certainly tested you to your limits, hasn’t it?. Spring will be upon you soon, onwards and upwards eh?.

    NB. Your comments relating to Donald Duck, spot on!!

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