Tickety Poo

I should stop writing, it always seems that I’m moaning about something or other, I think (I hope), I have due cause, sometimes it seems to me that big companies are tying themselves in knots and have forgotten something important. Okay, big start, but totally irrelevant from now on. I had a ticket booked for a train, SNCF gave me a code that allowed me to print the ticket off at the station, all good, actually easy, I input the code and Bob’s your mother’s brother, except they wanted the bank card that I bought the ticket with, now this is where it all went tits up because I didn’t purchase the ticket and so didn’t have the card, my mother booked the ticket. Having failed at the machine, I went to the ticket office to get my ticket, luckily I had the email from SNCF on my Kindle Fire which I showed to the monsieur behind the glass, can you believe he sucked his teeth, (I always thought this was an annoying tic solely for mechanics) and said, “ooh, zis is a problehm”. Why? I asked, I have the proof of purchase. Aaaaaand then it got technical and the fail safe for all French people who really have no idea what they are explaining is to rattle off in their native language at the speed of sound. In the end he fobbed me off by saying that I should get on the train (duh) and explain all this to the conductor should I see him. Said conductor turned up within a few moments of my boarding the train, and, this is priceless, he said that it is a problem, I really need the card that I booked the ticket with, but then he said that it’s okay this once, but if another conductor checks my ticket, I mustn’t say that he said that it’s okay?¿!



Another slight rant, you have to pay 80₵ to use the toilets in French railway stations. This really grates on me, and I think it must grate on a lot of people too as there was a security guard, I presume his job is to make sure that no squint-eyed travelers drops their kecks and shit right there on the floor in defiance of this blatant extortion. So, before you say why does he have to moan about everything, let’s get this straight, there are two women behind the counter, two women AND a security guards wages to pay so that the populace can pay for a poo or a pee, and there is no distinction between the two, it’s a flat rate 80₵ no matter what you deposit at the Bank of Bodily Waste, I guess this is to save the embarrassment of having to explain that you paid for a pee but you had a change of mind halfway through the event?¿!


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