Flotsam and Jetsam II

Mistletoe on naked trees.

Mistletoe on naked trees.

You may be totally gobsmacked to know (especially those that know me personally) I bought a dustbuster hoover thing the other day. Cleaning a Spanish finca was easy, just take everything outside, shake it or whatever, sweep and mop inside and then put everything back. Cleaning a boat (with three, nay four cats now on board) with a broom is an exercise in futility, especially with the amount of nooks and crannies. So, I bought a household cleaning gadget.

JP and Ilse are coming back for a couple of days, (they must miss us terribly). They have some business to attend to personally BUT, they are driving so we have asked if they could bring some “essential” Spanish priced supplies for us, say hello to carajillos* with Sunday croissants.


Are you bored with me talking about the Alcyon yet, nothing compared to how I feel about it I bet. I have done all the prep, she is all ready to paint but, I can’t as it’s too damp. Do you know there is a gadget that measures humidity letting you know whether you can paint or not?¿! It’s currently 2.5 and I need it to be 3 on whatever scale it uses, the PITA scale I reckon. Vee’s weather app says we have rain for most of this week, so I guess this job is gonna go on for a while yet… Yawn. I probably shouldn’t put this out into the ‘verse but I think apart from a few hours here and there on the Tante Hanni, and the three or four days of painting the Alcyon, that’s it for work this year, actually this isn’t much of a problem, with a little knuckling down (less beer) we’ll be okay, I have always wanted to hibernate, looks like I have my wish. I look forward to next March when I am a fluent French-speaking Guitarist?¿!img_6211

3 Monts beer from Flanders is just about the best beer I have ever tasted.

I had to finish work early the other day, it was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers and I was using sharp objects. We had frost all over the boat yesterday (Sat 12/Nov) morning. That’s it, not saying anymore about the cold, well except to say that the radiator we bought last week is a huge blessing.

I had my first cup of instant coffee in easily 15 years this morning, it was absolute gack, but strangely I had a second cup?¿!


Blackie laffing cause she’s in the warm and training two new servants.

Blackie is now living on the boat, not really what I wanted as she is becoming part of the “family” and will make things difficult next year. Being as JP and Ilse are unexpectedly coming home for a few days we may see if they can take her with her (which kinda makes us redundant in our little job of cat sitting for the winter) or, see if they will close the hole to the shed (where Blackie is supposed to sleep so that the other two cats can’t enter and so won’t totally take over during the winter. My worry is that these two will make that shed their own over the winter, JP and Ilse aren’t here so they will not be disturbed, and cats being cats they will be difficult to move on when the house is habited again. While all this goes on, Blackie will gradually adopt us making life difficult next year.

"Creepy" Heidi

Heidi with creepy evil twin.

I was stopped Saturday morning by a French chap, I thought he was going to ask me directions but instead he asked me if I believed there was a god, I must have looked at him dumbly because he then said, “you know, in the sky”. I always have trouble at these moments as I do honestly respect people are stupid, no wait, people’s beliefs, but I could tell that this guy was just about to get onto his imaginary pulpit and I had more important things to do (two loads of washing). So I cut him off rudely (I’m sorry Mr Man) by just walking away. The reason for telling you this, it has been ages, years since this has happened to me, after being virtual recluse for the last five years in Spain I had forgotten that people want/need to peddle their beliefs on others. I should have told him I read the Tarot, narrow-minded people tend to think occultist/satanist and bugger off quickly (like a bat out of Hell lol).

My bike broke, something in the headgear has worn out and I can only go about two klicks before steering becomes impossible, no matter how much I tighten it up, gutted as I was getting into the cycling way of life (though there was never any chance of me buying the “bike fashion” crap that seems to be the rage at the moment).

The Raconteurs are currently rocking my world, always a bit annoying when you go back to a group that you liked a lot (and forgot about) after a few years and think that they must have released a few more albums, only to find they split and that’s it, you have everything they did 😦


Edited to add, JP and Ilse have just arrived “home” and so probably didn’t see my email, no carajillos 😦

*Spanish coffee and brandy. I don’t care what you say, coffee with brandy is a comfort and a joy, but not at French prices.


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