Spike Reboot (?¿!) #1


Blackie (thinking about Daisy)?

Just a heads up, this is boring everyday stuff.

I’m seriously gonna have to think of a better title for these bits, that’s way too Hollywood. You may remember that last month I decided to change some areas of my life and better others, my list was to read more, write more, watch more movies, eat better food, exercise more, drink less beer, get better sleep and to have structured guitar practice sessions. So here’s the first month’s check in to see how (crap) I’m doing.

Read more, easy, I’ve read three books this last month. My wonderful sis-in-law Kim said that I should read Tolstoy’s War & Peace when I mentioned this last month (thank you), I obviously forgot to say that I wanted to ENJOY reading and I have tried to read this book a couple of times but no can do, too boring, another book that I should read (being a huge Dickens fan) but can’t is Bleak House, three pages describing snowfall in London, (probably not, but it felt like it), yaaaawwwwwnnnnnn. Because I stated a target of 25 books a year, I’m marking myself 5/5 for this 🙂

Random Boat Eleanor in the dry

Random Boat
Eleanor in the dry

Write more, hmmmm, not very good, yes I have posted one blog a week but I haven’t really posted my thoughts like I said I wanted to, instead I’ve stuck to a journal type format. As an aside, I really wish that I hadn’t mentioned that I’m interested in writing some short stories, a classic example of Spike’s mouth writing cheques his brain (isn’t sure he) can cash. 3/5

Watch more movies, I did say that this doesn’t really apply to me because I watch heaps already but…. nothing has changed here I’m still watching loads. I will mention here that whenever Vee goes to visit her Folks means that I get a Lord of the Rings marathon, but it didn’t happen this time, maybe because I’ve just finished reading the books and want to savour those for a little while, (or that you only watched them with Jacqui in May?¿!). Because there has been some meaningful documentaries and some low-budget indie movies thrown into the mix, I’m allowing myself 5/5 (A small part of me says that I should score nothing because I’ve watched the new Ghostbusters twice).

More Autumn colours

More Autumn colours

Eat better food, ya know, this is a silly addition to the list, there’s no red meat here, there’s no heart-gripping takeaway food, there’s just good vegetables and lentils. However, we did get given some bacon on Sunday (bacon wages for helping winterise a boat), but I also said that if a treat comes our way we’ll grab it, so we had Huevos Rancheros and crispy bacon with grilled fat mushrooms, heaven!!! Gimme that 5/5

Exercise more, easy, no car, have to walk or cycle, though there have been a few times when I could have done more, but didn’t 4/5.

Drink less beer. What, who put this here?¿! Okay so this was always going to be the one that makes me look bad. I wanted to drink a better quality of beer, a lot less often, instead I have the better quality of beer at the weekend but I’m still drinking the crap during the week to quench a thirst after work, aaaand when there’s no work, not good. Actually really not good as since I decided to do this thing it’s like a challenge to fail and I’m kinda drinking more. 1/5 (Though the latent alcoholic in me wants to score 5/5 as he’s getting the best of both worlds, crap beer during the week AND great beer at the weekends).

Get better sleep, fat chance, the nights are getting cold and Lara needs her warmth, trouble is that she can’t seem to work out how to get under the covers herself, so she sits at my shoulder tapping me (with shot claws I might add), until I wake and lift the duvet for her. (Lara is one of the cats by the way). I dunno, this will fall into line, but for the now the slightest disturbance has me fully awake. I’m not going to score this, I don’t think it is something I can control, (good thing is I catch up on my reading).

Fuddy-duddy slipper and our new rug.

Fuddy-duddy slippers and our new rug.

Structured guitar practice sessions. Yeah yeah, doing it, though sometimes I find myself falling back into the stuff I know rather than learning new stuff, it’s early days though and along with an hour of French in the morning I drain easily. I found that my timing has gone way off and at the moment I’m basically just strumming to a metronome trying to get it back, funny thing I play my own stuff and I’m spot-on, I mean to the millisecond spot-on, all other stuff and I’m annoyingly a quarter beat too quick, racing to finish I guess?¿! 2/5

That’s it, boring huh.


2 thoughts on “Spike Reboot (?¿!) #1

  1. Actually thought it was an interesting slice of life along with human struggling with some pretty wide-ranging goals (good luck with the beer thing in particular, and you definitely need more fun book stuff). I love you are working on the music, especially, and the fall leaf pic and slipper pic are wonderful. Best to you both! 🙂

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