Kettle and Black(ie).

Autumn colours

Autumn colours

So Franglish was weird this week, I didn’t really know what to expect, and was a bit taken aback when Monica, the woman that organises this didn’t really have much English, I thought that this was some sort of lesson type thing, how can she not speak much English, confusion?¿! It turns out that we split off and each small group has an English speaker and a French speaker, and we talk, that’s really it. If any one says something incorrect (grammatically not politically 🙂 ) then they are corrected, simples really and I guess pretty obvious but, well, never one for details me?¿! The only thing is we have to discuss a passage in English and French that is… really, obnoxiously difficult, whatever happened to Janet and John easy peasy learning tools, (run Spot run). Here is the passage:
– Would you like to see a film tonight or would you prefer to go to a pub?
– Why don’t we call Peter and Mary and see what they’d like to do?
– Let’s do that. But I suspect Peter would rather go to a pub.
– I’m not sure. He may have something else to suggest. We’d better call them now. It’s already six o’clock.
Easy yeah? Look at all those contractions, I was totally screwed with this in French, the French woman in my group read it, looked totally flummoxed and voiced my thought that they should just go to the pub and be done with it. Hey ho, after wondering if I’d been put in some sort of advanced group, we started talking, slowly and moved away from this silliness and into everyday stuff, (hi, my name is…, have you seen my grey elephant? You know, proper every day speak).

Erm, with all this worry that we have about the impending winter, how we are making the boat warmer by adding insulation and that we’ve been lent a heater and blah blah blah. I would like to add here that we do have two diesel heaters on board the Adventurer, I thought I’d written that here, so really, there’s no worries, we’re only moaning and whinging because we haven’t “suffered” a winter for so long.

A brief work catch up, the Alcyon is still not undercover, I cannot imagine how they were expecting me to paint this boat in a rainy country?¿! Okay, work this one out for me, they cannot put Alcyon under cover as there is a boat already under it, (there is only one cover), they say that this boat is being worked on and when it is finished they will remove it. No one has worked on this boat for over two weeks. I asked if there were any weather sensitive patches on the boat, hence the need to keep it under cover, there aren’t. I then asked if it’d be possible to remove the boat for a while so that I can use the cover for the Alcyon, being as it needs to be finished by the end of October, non, that boat is being worked on?¿! Thankfully there was some extra painting to do on the Tante Hanni while Jimmy and Monika are away.

Work on the Tante Hanni

Work on the Tante Hanni

I don’t know if I’ve said before, while JP and Ilse are away we are looking after their cat, Blackie (at a guess they named her that because she is completely black). They left some food and said they’d reimburse for any more on their return. What wasn’t expected was that the neighbours two cats found that Blackie’s food is better than theirs and have decided to chow down whenever they want, leaving the bowls empty. So now we have a temporary house/boat guest, Blackie’s food bowl has been relocated into the covered cockpit, and I dare say it won’t be long before she comes into the boat proper.



While at the Franglish thang the other day I had a bit of an eye opening oh-crumbs-what-do-I-do-now moment. I was explaining that we used to live in Spain and how everything is so much cheaper there (yawn Spike, get over it). I was kinda (in French) saying that no, I am not a vegetarian, but we find it so expensive to buy meat that we are “almost” vegetarian, I was asked how much a chicken is to buy in Spain and I said that we used to pay about 4.50€for a chook, they were horrified, but not in the way you would expect, it wasn’t the price, it was that the chicken I’d eaten was so obviously a tasteless battery type, not free range chicken and how could I do such a thing, (curry, it adds flavour to the blandest of meat). Okay, I am the bad man so I asked about their chickens, oh they live in paradise, they are fed corn and something else (that I never got to translate), and basically live a great life until the day they are killed to be eaten (and, basically makes the chicken about expensive). Two things I got from this, three if you include that I was actually there to learn French, 1) (no matter what I say here, someone is going to take offense), is a chicken bred for food okay when it really has no life OR 2) a chicken that lives in luxury… but only for a while. I am not ignorant, I do see both sides, yes I understand that the French chicken is pampered and therefore taste better. But, ah you know what, there is no argument, I am guilty of war crimes towards chicken and if I can’t afford the pampered French meat then well, we will have to go without. After this “conversation” I didn’t express my thoughts about French potatoes, just don’t go there Spike, probably grown in heated beds, gotta be something to explain those prices. Okay, that is it, I will not blog about the price of food again, not until the next time anyways.

img_6089Jimmy and Monika have just arrived back from Germany, I asked if they could bring a decent German beer, they brought a case.

The otter came by again the other day, we’re going to call him Kettle, (think about it, water otter).

Vanessa brought loads of stuff back from her trip to the UK, a whole load of spices and black pepper, some slippers for both us (both fuddy-duddies), thermals and oxtail soup woo hoo.


I went to the local River Rats committee meeting last weekend, the almost dormant 21 year old Spike in me jeered and asked wtf I was doing, I couldn’t answer. I now have to do a “pub” quiz for the middle of November.

Lentil, potato and mushroom curry is absolutely delicious.


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  1. Interesting, humorous and brilliant as usual! This is going to be a published book I hope so that you can earn enough to buy French Free Range Chickens!! 😆😘

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