Yikes, did I say last week that I would try not to talk about the weather on this blog? It’s cold, and raining, and cold! JP and Ilse have only been gone for a few days and already there is a power problem, I think a power cut, not sure but I have telephoned who I’m supposed if this situation should arise. Hey ho, it’s not a great problem but it means that I’m stuck here with no heating, I keep eyeing the petrol heater, but it’s only October, not proper cold yet, I should stop being such a wuss.

I started work on the Alcyon on Tuesday (11th October), and as usual whenever I have any dealings with H2O there is great drama. I was told by Phillipe that the boat would be under cover so that I would have no worries should (when) it rain(s). But of course, it isn’t under cover, it started raining yesterday, and there was no plan to put it under any cover, in fact apart from a delivery of paint marked “Alcyon” in the paint shed, no one seems to know anything about it. Phillipe is on holiday and whatever instructions he left have gone ignored. Typical. I hate disturbing people on their holiday, but if you take your mobile with you then, well, what you gonna do?¿! I texted him and asked him to growl a little, we shall see. So I managed two days work before the rain came and now I’m sitting on my arse playing guitar, reading (the new Harry Potter) and watching movies. Hmm, okay I guess it’s not that bad 😉

Vee is in the UK visiting her Folks, (hi Hon x), with JP and Ilse having left on Sunday, Monica in Germany for a week (so no work under cover on the Tante), and everyone else buggering off to warmer climes I am really quite lonely, I’ve even been on Facebook a couple of times this week, yeah, that bad lol, sad face and all that!

Franglish starts on Monday, I am really looking forward to that, I am on level 14 on Duolingo and according to the software I am 53% fluent, I really don’t know where they get that figure from. I need to speak it out loud. I do wonder though, who was it in history that said “I know a great way of buggering up those snotty English speakers, why don’t we give everything a gender, you know window will be female and cake will be male and an idea, well that’ll be female”?¿! Duolingo is made to be like a game with various challenges, and I alway drop points for getting an incorrect gender, I should use the dictionary more. Must try harder.


I woke up to a huge amount of growling from Heidi the other night, I thought that Felix had dared to come to the bedroom for some warmth (the two do not get along and Heidi has declared the bedroom her territory). No, nothing so simple, Heidi was sleeping in her basket in front of the mirror and had woken to find another cat in close proximity, how dare it. So now I have taped a piece of paper in front of the offending cat so that Heidi will not be bothered again.


Monsieur Chevalier (how apt, being that chevalier is French for knight), came around last night to fix the power problem, it turns out that JP may have the same priority issues as me and would rather spend his money on more frivolous things than the stuff that is needed, (this man has so many gadgets). The extension lead that powers our boat looks like it should be an outside water proof type heavy-duty thang, but was actually soaking wet and shorted out, tripping the house with it. Problem solved, a borrowed extension cable (heavy-duty) wrapped in several layers of plastic and taped shut and then bundled into an upturned plastic window box.

I got a text back from Phillipe yesterday, they will move the Alcyon under cover as soon as the boat that is currently under the cover is finished, so about mid-November then. I guess I should feel better about H2O, they are so beyond caring about the client that even the boss’s daughter…… oh whatever, enough Spike?¿!


2 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. Sending you cheery thoughts, Spike. It’s never fun to be cold, wet and alone for any length of time. Snuggle up with the cats and a hot toddy and take good care. Raising a glass to success with all your projects. My son is traveling to France and Barcelona next spring and I am itching to tag along but it makes me realize that I need to ale my own plans. Spring will be here before we know it!

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