Guitar with Some Change


Woo Hoo! My new guitar arrived on Wednesday, and, well I kinda screwed up the order a little but you know what, it’s better, heaps better than the one I thought I was buying?¿! I can’t even begin to explain what happened, I tried and deleted as it made no sense (ahem), the point is I have a guitar that is small, handy considering our diminished living space and loud, seriously, considering this guitar is a ¾ size it’s volume is huge! So the last few days have been getting to know it and trying to get back to the level I was at once upon a time. There was a small jam session on Thursday night and after everyone had finished cooing at baby Taylor (the brand of the guitar), I played and was okay, considering. Okay I’ve bored you enough, one last thing though, the house that I sold to pay for this guitar (falls on the floor laffing [a little too] hysterically) was on a street called Peñueles, you have to know Spanish pronunciation to get this, I have named the guitar Penn Wellies, fitting.


I follow several blogs, mostly Tarot and boat stuff but also Wil Wheaton dot Net, you remember Wesley Crusher the geeky kid in Star Trek – The Next Generation, well he’s 44 now and still a geek, he writes from the heart and mostly has something to say. A year ago he decided to reboot his life, change some stuff that he wasn’t happy with and basically do more of what made him happy. Wil’s criteria was: Drink less beer, read more (and Reddit does not count as reading). Write more, watch more movies, get better sleep, eat better food and exercise more. I’ve gotta say that after reading his one year later post, I am inspired to try something like this myself, although I think he took it a little too far, he doesn’t drink at all now?¿! Don’t worry, if I go ahead with this I’ll not bore you by jabbering about it every post I write, just a check-in once a month or so (to see how crap I’m doing). My list is much the same:

Apparently it gets so cold here they put winter woolens on the ironwork?¿! Scary!

Apparently it gets so cold here they put winter woolens on the ironwork?¿! Scary!

Read more, I have just finished reading The Lord of the Rings (again) and loved it, not just the book but the act of setting aside time to read. I have a few other books on the go that I put down and then went onto other stuff, I’ll finish those first. I figure twenty-five books a year is a good target

Write more, yes, more here on this blog, more thoughts, less diary type stuff?¿! But I also have an idea for some short stories, possibly for kids though maybe I’m not PC enough, but then that’s where the fun might be 😉

Hotel barge cruising by.

Hotel barge cruising by.

Watch more movies, I don’t think this applies to me, I average about 300 movies a year but now we’re on the boat, we’ve slowed down a little. I used to have “cook days” when I would fill up the freezers with semi-prepped meals and have films playing all the while, I miss that, I still have a movie playing while I cook, but it took me four days to watch a two-hour movie this week, hmm. Scrub this one?

Eat better food, maybe scrub this one too, we eat plenty healthily, and let’s face it, with prices like they are in France if a treat comes our way then we’ll grab it. Mostly we are vegetarian, I have a small piece of steak in the fridge at the moment that I found in the reduced section, that’ll be bumped up with mushrooms to make a strogonoff, the only other meat we have is chorizo (added to rice, yum) and beef tomatoes (bruises knees falling to the floor laffing again).

Best images of the kingfisher.

Best images of the kingfisher.

Exercise more, with no car now this’ll be a cinch. I have to walk/cycle everywhere, but I know what I’m like, when it’s cold I’ll do the bare minimum, I’ll have to set targets.

Drink less beer, uh oh, this smacks of commitment. This one is the inspiration for doing this whole re-boot thingamajig. I’m not happy with one beer, in Wil’s original post he said he was drinking two maybe three beers a night, bloody light-weight! I just want to change this for quality rather than quantity, instead of getting loads of the cheap shit (Top Budget brand 50¢ for ½ a litre), maybe a couple of quality beers at the weekend with nowt during the week (except maybe a glass of wine with dinner). This will be the hardest. You may notice that there’s no mention of vodka here, being in (expensive) France that particular avenue of enjoyment has been closed down to me.

J.P. and Ilse

J.P. and Ilse, our extremely generous hosts for the winter.

Start smoking again, yeah yeah, joking 😦 Seriously, I wish I had the will power to have a pouch of tobacco and have the one cigarette every now and then, but no no, before three days are up I’ll be having a fag with morning coffee, smoking ten or so a day and making excuses to myself. (I hate you for this Duggy, how do you do this?).

Get better sleep, I’m hoping this follows on from some of the other stuff, it would be nice to get all the way through a night without my brain wanting to discuss how to build a solar panel tilty thing or, if the Universe is racing outward what is it racing into, or what is it about that one trumpet note that pulls this wonderful piece of music together.

One thing I will add to this list (because I do have an imagination of my own):

Structured Guitar practice sessions. I know bits of hundreds of songs and really only two or three songs/tracks (whatever) all the way through (Wish You Were Here, House of the Rising Sun and… oh crap?¿! two then*). This time around I intend to learn stuff all the way through, not just bits, interspersed with playing the stuff that I want and get lost in. At least this way whenever there’s a jam I won’t stumble and mumble “yeah, I can play, but nothing you know”.

*I forgot Hotel California, three songs in my repertoire.


Felix the Brave who has a mind to star in a short story or two.


5 thoughts on “Guitar with Some Change

  1. To add to your read more list. War and Peace. 34 hour read time. Or if you’re like your brother 334 hour read time. One book – cheapway to fill tthose winter evenings. Kx

  2. Brilliant! Love Wil Wheaton, although I haven’t been following him lately. Might need to restart. Great set of goals, indeed. I think I’d relax more about the drink, and give more intense effort to the letting go of the nicotine. I see how my own hubby suffers with that addiction. He’s quit once for a couple of years, but taking care of his elderly mum got him started again. If you can quit that one, you’ll see and feel all kinds of things change for the better, but the cravings are evil. Stuff is poison and I feel so much sympathy for the nicotine afflicted…:(

    Keep writing! Would love to hear some stories from Felix.

    • Hi hi Joanne, I don’t smoke now, but I do have the occasional cigarette when I can. I would like to be able to have the will-power to be able to have a tobacco pouch and just have one from time to time. Because Christian and his bottomless tobacco pouch have now cruised away, I haven’t had a smoke for a while now 😦

      • Sorry, Spike, didn’t follow the tobacco part of the story correctly. I wish you well in managing all the aspects of life that provide enjoyment (creative and just for fun!).

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