A Prawn Again Christian


So Christian, after sitting on his boat for a month (and having his beer drunk, and his tobacco smoked), was finally given the go ahead to go through the lock and cruise to wherever his whim takes him, except he hasn’t quite yet, there was a problem. Good news first though, Gerard (the main boat dude), took Christian out for a jaunt in Tourettes, after weeks of sweating how he will handle the lock, Christian sailed through without a worry, easy-peasy. Then, out of sight from us and the camera, they cruised a bit before deciding that enough was enough and mooring up and having a drink or two (or three, and why not). There was no problem cruising at all, except after mooring in the marina Christian smelled diesel and found an errant fuel line drip drip dripping into his bilge, and with apparently no where to go?¿! Whatever, it’s a small problem and will be sorted very soon. He’ll have to stay for a bit longer but then the southern rivers of France are his to navigate and explore. So why am I telling you this……..








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