Flag Me Down

The Mvuu’s Australian owners are now on their way back home, they travelled halfway around the world to play on their new boat, and they did, twenty metres to the lock before the engine started over-heating so they returned back to their mooring. I really feel for them, they won’t be back until next May, that’s a lot of anticipation. So far out of the three boats that were moored together, Mvuu, Tourettes and Adventurer, we’ve actually travelled the furthest, albeit without engine power. Christian on Tourettes is nearly there, they’re looking at his engine today and he hopes to be going on Wednesday, we wish him luck but oh will we miss him (and his tobacco pouch).

Christian with his new toy

Christian with his new toy

We have our flags up now being as we are on the water. The French flag at the front out of courtesy for our host country and the Red Ensign at the stern to show that we’re Brits. I’m not very happy to be flying that particular flag (I’m not patriotic), I would like to have flown the flag of the European Community but it seems we are no longer a part of Europe (you bloody idiots). I’ve looked at ways around it, but without being blatant liars (Aussie flag), we have to fly this Red Duster.


I am doing the occasional bit of gardening work for a local, unfortunately it’ll be short-lived as in October he and his wife go to Spain for the winter (oh the irony). They have asked if we would moor outside their house to keep an eye on it, this is super news as we will be living on the cut, but with an electrical “safety net” should our solar cells not be up to it, or there are many cloudy days(?¿!).




One thought on “Flag Me Down

  1. Although I or we voted to stay in you can’t knock democracy Spike. The fact is a lot of the country are not happy with the changes in society rightly or wrongly.
    You left so long ago I’m sure you’re a bit out of touch with it all. Anyway those who voted out or in are happy to stay here and fight for what they believe in, respect their neighbours view and hopefully make it work for the better.
    I’m not having a moan just Sticking up for those who live and work here as at the end of the day it’s their choice.
    Your blog does make for some comical reading sometimes, anyway hope it’s all sorted soon and next year brings you carefree travelling to a warmer winter.

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