Moving along, slowly.


Oh thank goodness, we have our boat back. Mvuu has been tethered to us for the last week, while they’ve had big problems with their engine (condensation in the diesel tank which got into the engine, not good), our boat has been the gang plank for their boat while the mechanics traipse backwards and forwards. We have now moved even further up stream, only 100 metres but it’s a slightly quieter spot away from the workshop, we are surrounded fore and aft by bigger boats, but we do have a view across the”basin”, admittedly straight into another workshop, but it’s heaps better than having a boat right outside our window. Slowly but surely we are making our way to where we want to be on the cut. Why don’t we go there now and be done?? Well, we still haven’t paid the bill yet, there seems to be a bit of confusion and that’s all I’ll say about that for the now, I don’t want to tempt providence. Also, technically we can’t cruise yet, Vanessa has her competence test on September the 1st.


We had a slight water malfunction on Tuesday. We have a Doulton plumbed in drinking water filter and since we’ve been a board it has gradually slowed down until by Monday there’s barely a dribble coming out of the tap. Simple job to clean it, really it should have taken about five minutes but in true Spike style I managed to take all morning about it and the after effects went on for another day. To clean the filter you have to unscrew the unit and take – what looks like a candle – out, simples? No not really, this thing was screwed so tight I couldn’t budge it, not brute force or hot water would loosen it, in the end the vice came out and we had to clamp it down to get it to budge. So, after that it was plain sailing, cleaned and put back together then the whole lot bundled back under the sink. Except later we heard the water pump start up all on it’s own and realised that something was leaking. The plastic connector had split, not a big deal until you remember most of the workings of this boat is British and after going to the local plumbers merchant not finding what you need. In the end it took four pieces to replace one, thank you Christian for all your help there mate, I take back (nearly) everything I have said about your boat Tourettes 🙂 There are so many spares on board that we inherited from the previous owners, but there was only one of what broke on board, and that was the bit that broke, so I couldn’t even do a bit of mix and match, and because there is no stop valve between the filter and the kitchen tap, it wasn’t like we could leave it for a bit. Hey ho.

On top of this I rang the lawyer that handled the house sale asking where my money is, the sale had completed two weeks ago and you know, I want to buy my new guitar. It turns out I have to wait another month for the money, WTF, why?? You know I could understand if this was in the tens of thousands, it takes a bit more to work out, but we’re talking peanuts here, and, AND… I know my hearing is deteriorating somewhat, but I can hear the difference between a thousand and fourteen hundred, they don’t sound a bit similar, but now in the space of a week it turns out I’ll be lucky to get a thousand out of this *@ç#ing house sale….

Oh and then the new owner contacted me asking some questions about the house…

So Tuesday was a pretty crappy day with those two things happening, poor Christian’s tobacco pouch didn’t know what hit it.

Any way, enough of me whinging and whining. I went for a walk up the canal on Monday, not much happened except my wristwatch pedometer thingy counted 5.7 klicks upstream but when I turned around, for some reason I only managed to walk 3.4 on the way back?¿! The world is moving on.










And finally a sunset across the "basin".

And finally a sunset across the “basin”.


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