Winter is Coming


I was saying the other day that we are having to spend the (cold) winter here in St-Jean de Losne, what I didn’t say was that we will not be able to leave here until at least late May (cue the laughter). The Rhône is the main escape route for all that fluffy white stuff that settles on the nearby Alps, so when spring comes along the Rhône becomes a torrent that makes it impassable for the likes of our little boat. So let’s get this in order, we are not used to the cold and have never…. D’ya know what, let’s get this right from the beginning, you’ll either chuckle or think us insane or maybe even both. We bought a boat over the internet that we never even saw until they day we moved onto it, we have never driven a boat and have no idea how but hey, it can’t be that difficult?¿! (Can it?) We don’t have a licence to cruise, and we moved to a country that we don’t speak the language. We have moved from a hot almost arid area to a cooler and more unpredictable one (rain in August???) and now will have to stay here for almost a year and experience our first cold winter in ages. We have heard that in the winter you can drive cars on the canal the ice is so thick. So when I say that we’ve dragged ourselves out of our comfort zone, you better believe it 🙂


A few snippets.

  • On the boat we have a cockpit but no wheelhouse and the wheel is in the saloon.
  • I am crap at remembering people’s names, (I used to think it was because I paid so much attention to getting the handshake right ((nothing worse than a floppy wet fish handshake)) that the person’s name sailed over my head). Now when we’re introduced to people we have to remember the name of the boat too, but funnily the boat name sticks in my head?¿! I’m sure a psychiatrist would have something to say about that?¿!
  • People keep asking us if we are going to change the name of our boat. What’s wrong with Adventurer, I love it and it fits perfectly? I did have a few ideas before we met (Adventurer) though, I really like the name “Steaming Floater”, and before we took the satellite dish from the roof I figured we could call her the Millennium Falcon, hmm, Vanessa is obviously not that geeky.
  • We were thinking we could sell the Satellite dish but people said no no, you’ll be hard pressed to get rid of that, so we binned it, man that thing was gone on a few minutes and the guy who took it said that this is a great brand and what a great find.
  • We ourselves have found some great things in the bins here, I think people just bin all that stuff previous owners left on their new boat and don’t think whether they will need it. We have found top of the range boat cleaning gear, some fitted sheets, a 25 metre extension lead, a TV (a TV???), an orchid, some reefs for Vee and some leather sandals for myself and a couple of those collapsible plastic boxes and a little basket thing for loose change and keys. Cool eh.
Felix trying out a new bed

Felix trying out a new bed

The cat bit (cos I get a lot more visitors to this page when I mention the cats?¿!)

Felix and Lara now spend most of the day off the boat, there is a shady little copse over the way and they sleep the day away in there. Heidi still hasn’t ventured off the Adventurer yet, strange but she is happy, we do keep forgetting that she is now 12 years old and so content to snooze the day away.


3 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. I copied this from Wikipedia to give an idea of the amount of water/melted snow that we are going to be “enjoying” over the winter & then during the spring thaw……… :(.

    The mean annual flow rate on the Saone (the river next to us), is 473 cubic metres per second (16,700 cu ft/s),this is then rising to the winter flood flow rate of 3,180 cubic metres per second (112,000 cu ft/s).
    The runoff curve number from the river’s entire watershed is 501 millimetres (19.7 in), and the specific flow rate rises to 15.8 litres per second per square km of watershed..

    This is why they close the locks & no boats are moving during the winter, the river flow is too fast, & too strong, & besides, its going to be too bloody cold to go outside the boat to clear the snow & ice off the mooring lines first 😉

  2. Oh! ☹️ Sorry to hear about the impending Winter for you both…however, I can’t think of a more stoic couple of people to cope with such a thing! As long as you are cosy inside the boat which sounds as if you will be. You can venture out to a bar for steaming cups of hot chocolate, fresh croissants and local chat! Not easy but you two have always been very creative when coping with extreme conditions. 😘😘

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