It’s What a Boat Does.

I’ve tried a couple of times today to write something informative and hopefully a little funny about that fact that we are finally in the water, but nothing was happening. Then, tonight I sat in a bar listening to the locals talk about the banalities of their lives and realised that there is no great story here, WE ARE IN THE WATER, it’s what a boat does, what more is there to say? The real adventure (for the time being), was not being in the water but the painting and stuff. Does that sound stupid? Okay there are a couple of things that are worthy of a mention, the fact that the boat is now level, after five weeks on board you think you know a place, not now, it’s all changed. The toilet door now shuts when it used to open, this is handy, but the “front” doors now open when they used to shut, this is not so good as we have to keep the cats in for a bit. We are still on the slip which is right next to the lock and a main road, so we gave the cats their freedom and have now taken it right back again, we are so not feline flavour of the month. Also, and this may sound like a complaint but really it’s not, the boat rocked more on the hard than it does in the water, seriously, this boat does not move! As I sit here typing this, I can see the boat moving ever so slightly against the railings two metres off the port side, (getting the lingo now eh), but I cannot feel any movement on board at all. Now, let me tell you this, there was a boat next to us for our first few weeks here, it’s called Marouette, (but we call it Tourettes). The owner has had it in the water for a week now, we’ve got to know each other (we have something in common, both clueless about boats), anyway I stepped on board and his boat dipped what felt to be a couple of feet?¿! Yikes I didn’t like that. I was kinda expecting to be rocked to sleep by the swaying motion of our boat on our first night, but nothing, hey, it’s still early days, we’re only in a few feet of water so we’ll see what happens when we take our training wheels off, but I am so glad we haven’t got Tourettes, (I know, that was a call for a sweary joke but the in-laws are reading 🙂 ).


There’s not much else to say, we still have something to be done to the engine/prop shaft but I am still a little annoyed to say anything about that for the moment, but I will, ooh yeah. This morning I got a couple of hours of work a week doing some gardening, which is cool. And that’s about it.

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