We Used to Drive Over Lemons


I thought that we were going to be in the water for this weekend (23/24th July), but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Laurel the propeller man came by Thursday to fit the prop shaft and…. Well it seems there’s a problem, that whack I told you about a few weeks ago, it seems that it was a huge whack and has put everything out of alignment! So Laurel has taken some photos so that he can get some advice from the boss and was supposed to be coming back yesterday (Friday), but he never did, so that’ll be that until at least Tuesday now. After all the hard work of the last few weeks I am at a bit of a loss, I so wanted to paint the rest of the hull above the water line, but there’s not enough time (or paint being as we are using all the leftovers that P&B left behind), that particular area is in not too bad a state and will now wait until the next time Adventurer is out of the water. Hopefully by then I’ll have persuaded Vanessa that a black and yellow hull would look fantastic.

The following may look like rants but really they’re not, just a few observations I’ve noticed since we’ve been here.

  • For a number of years we’ve had free lemons, whenever we needed a lemon we’d pop out into the garden and get one fresh from the tree. What a shock to find that now our lemons come from Argentina (?¿!) and they average a €uro a lemon, I don’t think I’m being tight by saying that’s a silly price, and why are the lemons coming from so far away when they grow locally?
Top book, top author.

Top book, top author.

  • The French are so polite, you walk down the road and everyone nods and says good day, but come to around 5.30 in the afternoon and there seems to be some sort of time slippage as for the next two hours or so no one seems quite sure if it is good day or good evening. You nod to someone after 5.30 and say bonjour, you’re guaranteed to get a bonsoir back, and if this is to a couple, the other will automatically say the opposite.
  • Tomatoes on the vine are the expensive variety in Spain, but are the cheapest in France? Roquefort Papillon (one of the finest cheeses I’ve ever had) is cheaper in Spain than in it’s native France by a good 7€ a kilo??
  • The French see speed limits differently, if a sign says 90 km/h, they think they have to drive at 90km/h, no matter what the conditions are.
  • There is a Facebook page called Women on Barges (WOBs), I though that was a bit weird until I was told about BOBs (Blokes on Barges). Vanessa asked for some advice on how we’re going to deal with the cats once we get onto the water, “oh you want the Cats on the Cut Facebook page dear”?¿! Really? But hey, it’s a great page full of stories, one involved a cat getting on the wrong boat and having a three month holiday from his owners before being delivered safely back to his boat again.
  • Like everyone I keep all my spare change, but sometimes it builds up so I am trying to keep it down. The other week I took the correct change for our baguette and croissants (€1.07) to the supermarket, that poor cashier, I thought she was going to have a meltdown, do they not teach how to count in schools these days?

The new blue "go faster" stripe.


3 thoughts on “We Used to Drive Over Lemons

  1. Kim says that although she finds the antifowling properties of paint really rivitting, can she have more about the cats please

  2. Love the observations! 😀 More please as you come across them! What a fabulous feeling you will both have when you finally ‘set sail’! Looking forward to coming on board next year! 😀😀😘

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