Paint it Black (with words).

Wow that was fun, yeah seriously, I may be a bit weird but I kinda like painting, especially after a seriously annoying amount of prep  work, the painting feels like the reward, (yeah okay, so I’m weird). There were a couple of last minute jobs I had to do before getting the roller out, one was to create a water-proof seal around the wood attached to the keel, I was told circa-flex is the stuff for the job, yay as we have some of that on board left by the previous owners. And I had to do the filling which was no where near as bad as I thought, the paint being thick would cover a lot and the rest was such a small amount that H2O boat yard gave me some filler for free, double yay! (In fact they gave me much more than I needed so I have some for next time). I was told that 9 litres of paint would be enough for the job, but I was given a 20 litre tub with instruction to give the 11 remaining litres back when the job was done.

You're probably getting bored with photos of Adventurer,  so here's some from around St-Jean de Losne.

You’re probably getting bored with photos of Adventurer, so here’s some from around St-Jean de Losne.

Allan is the painter dude here in the boat yard, he is super quick and he lays the paint on like Vanessa puts butter on her bread, thick. I was told that I should paint two coats, but when Allan saw the “pathetic” way I was putting the paint on he showed me the professional way. This involves 18 litres of paint but only takes half the time as there is no need for a second coat, (you can tell he’s not involved in the cost of this stuff*). This method as much more fun, dip the roller, roll once, twice, then dip the roller again. Vanessa asked Angelique if we could have a set of overalls, which was lucky as this stuff is quit toxic and with Allan’s tried and tested painting method of splashing paint every where, once I was finished you would only have needed a bagful of feathers to see me tarred and feathered. In the back on my mind I was wondering/panicking about the extra paint we were using**, but all that was moot, don’t quite know how (or why) but Allan took some paint from our tub for another boat, then the next day, before I had a chance to move the boat supports and paint the clean spots, he’d taken the tub away?¿! I asked later if I could have our paint back and he got it from the shed, there was only a few litres left but I dunno, it seems to have been brushed under the mat, when Angelique asked later about the paint we said Allan had sorted it and that was that. I am very grateful for this.


So, the whole hull is painted and really all is good. Hopefully the next post will be written when we’re on the water?¿!

In France it is now illegal for supermarkets to throw out produce that is near to it’s sell by date, it either has to be sold off cheaper, or (I think) given to someone that will distribute to the homeless, it’s a brilliant idea and should be made law everywhere. Every morning I take a klick and a half wander up the canal to the local supermarket to get our daily baguete and a couple of croissants for breakfast. Vanessa came today and squeaked with delight as there were huge paper bags full of cakes and bread near the checkout. In her best French asked how much and we came away with a 2 kilo sack of day old bread, cakes, and savouries for a €uro, yay! We didn’t eat them all, we shared with another boat.


*We don’t know the cost either, we asked Angelique for a quote for the 9 litres which she wrote down on our piece of paper, and then walked off with it. However, we do know it’s not as much as the anti fouling.

**There have been no bills yet, only a quote from about 6 weeks ago that does not include paint, boat yard space rental (electricity and water), or any extras.


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