Campo “Kids”.

Last week I wrote a couple of posts for this blog about our new adventure for 2015, but on reading them back I ???????????????????????????????realised that from an “everyman” point of view, most people would think that I am full of shit. “How can they do this” and “this guy’s living in cuckoo land” were the phrases that came to my mind. So, this post is a preemptive way of saying, this is me, us, and the way we live. By the way, this is the other half of “us”, Vanessa, my wife, partner and soul-mate πŸ™‚

  • We have no mortgage, we rent, I can’t stand debt, especially the generally accepted idea that it’s okay to buy a house and then pay the bank back twice what the house is worth, talk about having you by the short and curlies for 25 years.
  • We have no credit cards, if we don’t have the money to buy something, we simply go without, this means we are totally debt free, yay!
  • We have no children, except four cats that we collectively call, “the kids”. Cheaper, more fun (in my opinion), and they won’t ask to borrow the car, they just want to sleep the afternoon away on it.
  • The only outgoings each month are our rent and internet fees. There is the car, but with Vanessa being able to car-share to and from her part-time work, it’s not that big a deal. Yes, there’s other stuff like electric and water, but if I told you how much they are per month, you would laugh and really think I’m full of BS. (Okay, our electric is 40€ a month, we are on a lower “campo” electric meter, which means we cannot have the oven on at the same time as the immersion heater, or the circuit will trip, but our bill is so much cheaper. Water, 40€ per annum,Β see, I said you wouldn’t believe me).
  • I used to work as a chef, so I know how to get the most of the food that we buy. We grow what we can, tomatoes, lettuce, chillies and melons. We use the local cooperative for other groceries, toms and onions at 40 centimos a kilo in winter! I’d like to use the local butcher, but unfortunately he can’t compete with the supermarkets, I feel bad, but our budget won’t allow it.
  • We use a pay-as-you-go mobile phone tariff, mine equates to €5 every three months.
  • Apart from Vanessa’s part-time job, all of our work is online as Tarot readers, which we can take anywhere we please.

That’s about it, boring finances and stuff, but I wouldn’t swap my life for anything else. We have freedom, and with the plans that are coming together for next year it’s going to make the life change we want, so much easier.


5 thoughts on “Campo “Kids”.

  1. It sounds like a marvellous life you have, Spike. Not full of shit at all! I am filled with envy (and not just because I am sitting in the freezing dark that calls itself a Scottish morning πŸ˜€

    • Hi Alison πŸ™‚ It’s freezing here too, Spanish houses are wonderfully cool in the summer, but in the winter they are c-c-c-cold, especially where we are, so close to the Sierra Nevada. The fire is lit and “the kids” are well happy.

  2. That’s a good way to live. Aside from the mortgage and kids, our debts are pretty minimal and in the order of “I could pay it off today if I wanted but why bother at 0% interest”. Running costs with kids are high though.

      • I’m a credit card hopper – get a 0% purchase, then if you still have a balance at the end of the period, hop to another card offering 0% on balance transfers. It normally costs a few quid to transfer, but nothing compared to the normal interest if you don’t πŸ˜€

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