Frozen Coffee

I’ve always kept my coffee in the freezer, I can’t remember why, I think because it seemed the best thing to do, ya’know, keeping the freshness and all that. Well, three hits from various social network sites (in one day!), say otherwise. It turns out that storing for long periods = good, but for short periods, like in and out of the freezer during the course of a day = bad. Now I have learned that the perfect way to keep coffee is in an airtight container, in a dark place, it’s something to do with condensation forming while being taken in and out of the freezer. I’ll not bore you with the details cos, well it’s dull and scientific, and dull (mixing food and science always makes my eyes glaze over). I thought I would share that titbit of info with you. By the way, I’m not talking about the instant shit that some people seem to think is coffee, (how wrong you are, no no), I’m talking the good stuff, ground coffee that you put in your Moka Pot. downloadYes, ideally I should get coffee beans and grind them to order, we have a coffee grinder but I started using it to grind spices, chillies and peppercorns, since then, hmm, not so good for coffee, cardamom is alright, but chillies, nah!

The point of this post? Well, I was hoping to finish with something erudite, maybe on the lines of, “no matter what you think you know, some twat always knows better”, but apparently no “scholar” has ever said that, I did Google it, and Google being all-seeing and knowing gave me a blank expression and shrugged?¿! Maybe in a few months time 🙂


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