DAY 1 – 18 MAY 2012




St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles.

Six hours of walking and I’m knackered. I took the “scenic” route over the top of the hill and spent the day walking through the clouds. But I gotta say, if it’s gonna be like this for the next four weeks then bring it on. This has happened so quickly, less than four weeks from the spark of an idea to actually starting out, I’m fascinated that everything has slotted into place so easily without any hitches. Thank you Vanessa, Mum and Paul for everything.
Easy day tomorrow, only 22 Klicks.

— at Albergue De Peregrinos Real Colegiata De Roncesvalles


One thought on “DAY 1 – 18 MAY 2012

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