DAY 2 – 19 MAY 2012



Roncesvalles to Larrasoaña.

I forgot to mention yesterday how surprised I and a few other people were about the first days walk. After seeing that profile of the mountain I thought it was going to be a killer, especially when you see it described as “fear-inducing” on a tourist sign at St-Jean. But no, it was okay and done now anyway.

The other bit I was dreading is the inevitable rain, no surprise then when at 10 this morning there was the disconcerting sound of a storm in the north that gradually shifted around right in the direction that I was walking into. Yeah Great!!! The skies opened, I was drenched, but the backpack held out, (it only got weather proofed on Thursday). I even walked an extra 5 klicks to get closer to Pamplona, which I’ll be walking right through tomorrow, I’m not really into the cities, I know that it has a gothic cathedral and all that, but I’ll miss this and catch Burgos and Léon further down the track.

Buen camino x

— at Larrasoaña (Navarra)


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