DAY 3 – 20 MAY 2012


Larrasoaña to Óbanos (via Pamplona) 37Kms

Wow! What a day, my alarm went off at 6.30 but of course, I had my earplugs in so I missed that, whether anyone else in the dormitory did?? I managed to leave the refugio at 7, super quick being as there were 14 people staying last night and there are only 2 toilets.

It was in the air, but after 10 minutes it started raining again, and this time it didn’t let up until just after I stopped walking at 4pm, and you know, whilst not the best kind of day that one could wish for, my spirits were high and I had a great day. I walked a bit further than I wanted, I couldn’t find the refugio I was looking for at the previous village. The rucksack didn’t hold up so well, but no damage thanks to a dustbin bag, BugBag slightly damp and the “microfibre” towel was soaked, but one quick squeeze and it was dry again, wonderful. Hopefully, I’m out of the bad weather now.

On the first day I shared the dinner table with a gentleman from Belgium whom started his pilgrimage 6 weeks ago in Le Puis Near Lyon, he showed us his credencia, nearly full of stamps from all the places he has been to, (mine at the end of my third day has just 5 stamps). He has taken 10 weeks out of his life for this, I would’ve asked his reason for the pilgrimage, but I’m still unsure of the etiquette of that particular question.

I have passed a couple of times a woman carrying a seven foot stick, the last foot being what looks like a blunt dagger, I offered a “buen camino” the first time I passed herbut got growled at, the second time I gave her a wide berth and sped up afterwards to put some distance betwixt us. I don’t know what her story is but the dagger at the end of that stick and the growl? Definite conversation killer.

— in Obanos.


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