DAY 4 21 MAY 2012


Óbanos to Sansol 55Kms

Long, long day. I only planned to walk about 40 Klicks, but the refugios were all full, and I had to walk a “few” Kms extra. Once I had stopped and was able to relax my legs just stopped working and I was hobbling, this is ok, but the showers were 2 floors below the dormitory, ouch. So the lesson learned is if you want to stop in a busy town, get there early. Which is a bit of a shame as I did want to try for 40k a day, which is 8-9 hours walking so I would stop too late to get a bed.
I did cut off my own nose to spite my face though, there was a sofa/settee that I could have had, but the woman wouldn’t budge on the price of 8€ (the normal price for a bed). I was swearing to myself about that 7 klicks later?¿!
I went wrong through some road works in the morning, and within 20 metres a man repairing his wall had looked up and put me back on the Camino, phew, and thank you.


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