DAY 7 24 MAY 2012

Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Villafranca Montes de Oca 35 km

Last nights refugio wasn’t as good as I first thought, the beds squeaked, not just a little, oh n, just breathing made them squeak. Now I don’t wish to complain, but sleeping is kind’ve a priority on this little venture, so along with the snorers (there happened to be three last night that seemed to be trying to qualify to represent their countries in the Olympics) and the squeaking, I didn’t get much sleep.You are not supposed to move about before six am (except obviously for nature calls) but there were five of us moving around getting ready to get out at 5.30, I was back on the road at 6 sharp. That is only half an hour earlier, but that’s about a 3km bonus, EXCEPT with my head in the clouds I missed a waymarker and went out of my way by about 4kms, I did keep looking at the ground and thinking that there was a disturbing lack of footprints on this track. Doh!

As you can see from the photographs I passed through several villages today, my favourite being Espinosa del Camino – Prickly of the Camino.

A quick contrast between what I am doing and that of our ancestors. When I get to Santiago de Compostela, then I’ll get on a train to Madrid, then another to Malaga and home (won’t be long V), but the Pilgrim from the past, well there was no train/bus station or the airport, no, he got his proof of completion, and then had to walk all the way back! If a noble was caught doing something he shouldn’t, his punishment may have been to walk the Camino, with a bit of money he could have ‘bought’ someone to do it for him, someone who probably really needed the money, so he wouldn’t waste it on getting a cart back (if he could, this is a not research zone). What I and just about everyone else are doing when we “walk the Camino” is really only half of the job. Just a thought, although I have seen people going the “wrong way”.

Not much happened today, it is all fitting into a routine. A dog tried to get the sandwich I was eating out of my hand though, how rude. The owner came out and shooed him off for me, but then his cat came over, and was treated to some of my cheese and salami in bread, liked it too, aah. She had a massive feline shag badge on the back of her neck, no wonder she was hungry?¿!

On that note, buen Camino x — in Villafranca-Montes de Oca.


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