DAY 8 25 MAY 2012

Villafranca Montes de Oca to Burgos 36km

A really hard morning, there is a big hill out of Atapuerca that goes on and on, with the path being rocky outcropping, incredibly hard to walk on, my left knee is singing with my right ankle trying very hard to harmonise, lots of Reiki and Ibuprofen to boost it. After I had showered and got my self sorted out, I lay on the bed for a while but my legs were literally still twitching, nightmare. Not complaining, just telling the facts as they are.

A near civil war broke out in the dormitory this morning, I was up and about but with ninja-like silence at 5.45 this morning. But one lot of Spaniards were not far behind me at dead on six of the clock, and…. they turned the light on, well that really didn’t go down well with the other Spanish tribe and a lot of angry comments were thrown across the room, things like disrespect and no manners. I picked up my kit, bugbag and hat and left them to it, preferring to sort my stuff out in the kitchen. The Pilgrims must leave the refugios by 8, we are not allowed to make a noise before 6, but we are free to leave anytime after. I thought it funny as everyone was in bed by 9 last night, oops, except for the two french guys that came in at ten and proceeded to have a conversation for a while until an almighty shush stopped them, I was told this in the morning, I had faded away and was comfortably in the land of Nod by nine, fresh air and exercise never fails to put me out like a light.

I had been told about the two hour walk through the industrial estate into Burgos, there is an alternative way in but I read that it is not very well waymarked so I took the industrial way with the hopes of seeing one of those all-you-can-eat-buffet style Wok restaurants, no chance, shame, I can’t help but think about a plate full of vegetables at the moment, I’ve lived on fruit and cheese and chorizzo sarnies all week and am gagging for a change. The local speciality of Burgos is Morcilla, black pudding with rice, favourite!

I did have one surprise when I got into Burgos though, a large Ciabatta loaf and a massive cookie for €1,20, how cool was that!


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