DAY 9 26 MAY 2012

Burgos to San Antón 36km

Trying to get off of the top bunk last night, I fell and sprained my right wrist, dopey twat. It doesn’t affect the walking, but it sure makes it difficult putting the rucksack on and off, and of course, everyone wanted to shake hands today.

The walk today was fantastic, Burgos just ends on the west side and within minutes I was in the countryside again. It was flat and lovely to walk on, nice walking temperature with a cool light wind. And that is all there is to say, except I am staying the night in the ruins of an old monastery, (photographs are in the Day 9 album). It is fantastic, it is privately owned by a man that looks like he has done the Camino at least 5 times, once from Rome. There is no hot water but hey, it’s a donativo. And, bonus, he fed us, a salad then a plate of pasta in tomato sauce and then canned pineapple rings, basic but Wow! it was good, first hot food in a week, could’ve been a McDonalds and I’d probably enjoyed it!!!

Buen Camino x — at San Anton


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