DAY 11 28 MAY 2012

Villalcázar de Sirga to Sahagún 45km

Famous last words, I didn’t get much sleep with the Feria last night, even through the earplugs, and then (again) I overslept BECAUSE of the earplugs and didn’t get on the road until a quarter of seven, it doesn’t sound a long time but forty five minutes is nearly four kilometres.

I forgot to say yesterday that I saw two deer, I tried to get a photo but they were too quick and I just watched them lope away from me for about two minutes, those were the first deer I have seen in Spain. Then today I saw a fox, from a long way off but there are photos in todays album. It was a nature day today, there are photos of a Booted Eagle, a Finch and several flowers, not that I don’t notice them everyday (Vanessa and I are always looking to the sky to spot eagles since we saw one fly over our heads by no more than 10 metres), but today I managed to photograph several.

And then after a long walk to Sahagún I found a tucked away Refugio, the reception was less than welcoming (by a long chalk) but when I found my dormitory, not only was there ONLY four beds, but an en suite bathroom….. with a BATH. Admittedly it was not a full-size bath, but I managed to soak for a while, I just passed the halfway point today as well, celebration.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the room to myself, but I had the bath, excessive and wasteful I know, (back home we save all the water we can to put onto the vegetable garden) but I wanted it, I got it and my legs are truly grateful.

Buen Camino x — in Sahagún


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