DAY 10 27 MAY 2012

San Antón to Villalcázar de Sirga 42km

It was kind of a shame to leave the ruined monastery, I could have spent a few days there in the peace and tranquility, but the Camino beckons and off I went at the ridiculous time of ten after six.

It was just beautiful country again today, with a very sharp hill rising about 300m in a very short distance, huff and puff but the view was so worth it (though halfway up I was thinking that the road could have gone around)?¿!

Other than that not much happened on the road, the village I decided to stay in today is having their Feria (annual village party) this weekend and this would normally mean not much sleep, not this man, not today, I’m bushed and will sleep through anything tonight. Yes, you could say that I am going to miss out on a party, but seriously, when we lived in Benalmádena Pueblo we went every year and one Feria is much like any other.

I love these donativo refugios, they serve the pilgrims dinner!! Basic food, the same as last night but tonight was at a table of 16 people, Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, Argentinians, French, Spanish and one Englishman! The food was great and the camaraderie was brilliant.

Ok, I’m now all up to date on diary and photos and wondering if it will be as long betwixt WiFi connections again?¿! The next few days look quite busy with villages and town so hopefully not, yeah right! The first town tomorrow is a place called Carrion, hmmm.


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