DAY 12 29 MAY 2012

Sahagún to Puente de Villarente 43km

Dull, no thats not right, but it was hard going on loose pebbles and that affected my mood. There was a choice in paths today, one alongside a main road or the other following the original Roman road through the countryside, but with no villages for twentyseven kilometres. That folks is a helluva a way and the one I chose, but unfortunately the track made it a bit unenjoyable as you have to constantly look where you are going. The upside is that at one point I had to stop, my ankles were killing me so I lay against my rucksack and just watched the country, I saw a stoat winding in and out of the undergrowth for a few minutes, I would have got some great shots, but I was laying against my camera. At the first sign of civilisation I stopped at a bar and had a bottle of Coke which would’ve disappeared in one draft had I not paid 1.60€ for it, I’d best leave that one there for fear of getting on my “you thieving bastard” soapbox.

I pass through León tomorrow with a quick peek at the cathedral, it is all I want to see tourist-wise and obviously the Camino passes right by it if it is anything like the cathedral at Burgos I may stay for a bit and have a sit down. I have a bit of a quandary tomorrow though, there is a place to stay at 32kms from here but then there is nothing for another 15 klicks after that, so do I have a short day or a really long day of 47 kms. I know how I felt after the 55klick day, rough and achy, hmmm, watch this space.

Walking into the west all day is fine, but not good for tanning, the back of my lower legs are as brown as, and towards the end of the day the sun has crept around enough to catch the left side of my nose. Not as bad as some people though, when they take their knee high socks off, oh how I laugh.

A quick add at the end of the day, I walked up to the local shop and bought a packet of crisps, 2 cans of beer (Alhambra, one of the best of Spains beers) and a small bottle of ice cold water, the whole lot came to 1.80€, so they’re not ALL thieving bastards up here, confidence has been restored, and the beers were delish.

Buen Camino


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