DAY 13 30 MAY 2012

Punte de Villarente to Villar de Mazarife (via León) 35km

I only did the short walk today, I arrived in Mazarife at 2.30 and it was hot, to do another two and a half hour walk would have been madness. I got lost getting into and out of León which wasted a lot of time. The cathedral was okay, but Burgos wins hands down.

The walking was okay, I wish I could’ve got a bit further but hey ho. I worked out that on the morning of day 15 I’ll be going over the highest point of the Camino Francès, but I think (hope) most of it is a gradual climb and a bit before that there is a pile of stones that are deposited by pilgrims that have been carried from their homes. There are two sides to this, one is that you leave the stone to ask for protection for the remainder of your journey, the other is that as you walk your pilgrimage you fill the stone with all the negativity and woe that you are carrying and leave it behind. I only knew of the latter story until recently, but any protection would of course be handy.

I was thinking about walking through the night of the full moon, but I noticed on early morning starts that the yellow paint for the waymarkers doesn’t show up very well at night, also there would be small problems with refugios, they shut from ten at night to midday. It would be wonderful, but I think that I’ll leave that for walks at home where I know the way.

Buen Camino x

Things I have learned:
When you walk, the scenery changes quicker than you would think.

Cars travel really fast, I could have driven this trip in a little over 9 hours. I plan to complete the Camino in under 21 days, the average is 32 days.

Cycles are silent, and consequently can scare the pants off of you.

Some people think that walking is easy, they buy a pair of boots and start walking, then they complain because their feet are blistered and in tatters, believe me, on this trip I have seen some feet that are mangled, you would surely want to go home and try again at another time but for some reason they don’t, idiots.

Life IS wonderful but sometimes you do have to take a step back to see.

There are thieving bastards everywhere, these days they use a shop or a bar as a front. (I’ve known this for a while, but I sometimes forget).

Walking fast can get lonely, but, there is no thought interference, you can get lost in your mind easily, unless a cycle goes by and scares the crap out of you!


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