DAY 14 31 MAY 2012

Villar de Mazarife to El Ganso (The Goose) 45km

So I woke up this morning, and everyone else seemed to be up also which is good because it is difficult moving around quietly in unfamiliar surroundings, but no-one could find the light switch?¿! Hey ho, I sat on the bed to sort some of my gear out and the struts under the bed fell off, crash, uh oh, I’ll be off now then, and I did.

Long day today, the gradual rise has begun, after this village I am staying in tonight the road will rise 500m in 15kms, that’s not bad. Shortly after Manjarin is the highest place of this Camino (Francés) at 1515m. The weather looks to be clear so hopefully I’ll make up for the cloudy heights of the first day, expect lots of photos of indistinct distant objects tomorrow then.

Buen Camino x — in El Ganso.


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