DAY 16 2 JUNE 2012

Ponferrada to Los Herrerias (The Blacksmiths) 44km

The Ponferrada refugio doesn’t let people out until after 7am, but this morning the atmosphere seemed a bit tense with about 45 people ready and waiting to go at 6.15, so the admin opened the gates. It was like the start of the Grand National, only with a bottle-neck start. I took some photos of the castle, but I was really head-down and get moving this morning, it rained late yesterday afternoon and for some reason getting out of Ponferrada quickly would make the rain stay there?¿! Whatever!

Todays walk as through a winding valley with a fast-flowing river which was fantastic, unfortunately a motorway winded its way through the same valley, not so fantastic, yep, my glass is half-empty at the moment and I apologise, but after the walks of the last few days over the flatlands and then the mountains, concrete is something I just don’t want to see.

I stopped for a couple of beers (Estrella Galicia) this afternoon, bit silly as I still had a way to go, but I felt that it was needed. I sat for an hour savouring the drinks (actually not wanting to get up again) before hobbling along again, I say hobbling as it is taking my legs a while after resting to remember what their job is again.

I made it to Los Herrerias but I really wanted the next town 4km along the way where there is a Donativo that does vegetarian meals in the evening, but really, I just couldn’t make it any further. These last few days are going to be difficult I feel, at 40km a day I am now only 4 full days of walking away from Santiago de Compostela.

Buen Camino x

Ps For the first time in ages I am on the bottom bunk, happy happy. I am just off to get some proper food now, my energy levels are severely waning and I think some proper food might help, and a glass of wine too. — in Las Herrerías


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