DAY 18 4 JUNE 2012

Samos to Ferrerios 27km

Ouch!! My right ankle slightly swollen as it was decided to get nasty today and started to feel like I was walking on broken glass. Normally pain is something that I can tolerate(for a while) but this was horrible and I called it a day at 27 km. I have a plan of recuperation though, already underway as I am writing this in the bar. Plan is to have a shower, Reiki and keep my ankle in the air for as long as possible, that bit is complete. Then to have a few beers (at this moment that is being done) then a meal and to the refugio to rest with my leg in the air (OO er) before sleeping. So far, so good.

I gotta tell you about last night though. Last night I stayed in the Samos Monastery, I mean THE monastery. Bear in mind that this is really a religious pilgrimage (for some, not for me, purely spiritual is my adventure) and all condoned, in fact started by the Church. I got to the refugio and there was no-one there, fine, it is after all a Sunday and the church’ “busiest” day. I was told by another peregrino to fill my info into the book, but wait, where is the stamp? Apparently there will be someone coming around later, (let me just fill you in, the Credencia/passport is a pilgrims proof of where he has been, wherever he/she goes is in that bit of cardboard, and then at Santiago it gets looked at and a certificate is given). No Stamp. I tried a few doors, but all were locked. Now far be it for me to say anything judge”mental” but there are refugios that I have stayed in in the last few weeks that are so happy to see me, the people that rely on pilgrims for there bread and butter, and here I am at the gates of the people that started all this shenanigans and the level of complacency is, is, well I don’t know but not good is one answer. Maybe I am being a little finicky?? It was a donativo, a place you stay at and then donate what you feel they have earned or you can afford (I presume, that is how in the past I have taken the word to mean). I left nothing, and strike me down if I have committed a sin, but when there is a Vatican City of such overwhelming opulence on this planet, then thank you, and thank you, and its ok cos I didn’t mind that the sheets were dirty cos I have a bug-bag and that the lights were on all night (tsk tsk, wasting energy) because the switches were hidden away somewhere. Okay, rant over.

Maybe my ankle is hurting more but that really did piss me off. And maybe I am not a good enough writer to get what happened across well enough, but shame on the Church for that, it wasn’t just me, there were 5 other pilgrims I know of that are feeling a bit confused that they stayed in a monastery and have nothing to show for it.

Aah whatever, the beers are working nicely and now an appetite has built.

Buen (I hope for more) Camino


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